2010-02-06  Tim Ayres  

        * version.h: zsh-3.0.5NT0.78.1 released

        * ntport/,winnt/: rename ntport/ directory to winnt/, change all

        * many: Add complete zsh 3.0.5 sources

        * winnt/CONTIBUTORS.NT,winnt/ChangeLog.NT: renamed to avoid
          name collision with zsh files.
        * winnt/LICENSE.NT.HTML,winnt/README.NT.HTML: the HTML document
          is now the master, text versions will be generated at release
          by html2text. Rewrite README.NT.HTML, expand some sections,
          correct errors.

        * WINNT.README.1ST: add file to identify location of WINNT

        * TAGS, _exrc,hashtable.c.orig,testcomp,winnt/Changelog.html,
          winnt/TAGS: remove unused files.

        * winnt/ntbin.c,winnt/ntfunc.c: rename ntbin.c to ntfunc.c to better
          align with tcsh sources.

        * winnt/globals.c: port improved code to determine if an app
          is console or gui. From tcsh V6.17.00 win32/globals.c. This also
          fixes a compilation error with MSVC9.

        * winnt/fork.c, winnt/tc.alloc.c: split tc.alloc.c back into
          a separate file from fork.c for ease of maintenance.

        * config.h,Src/winnt/config.h.winnt: move config.h to 

          compare SRC with original zsh 3.0.5 and zsh 3.0.0. Identifiy all
          places where code has changed, cleanup add add #ifdef WINNT statements
          where necessary. Incorporated some zsh 3.0.5 changes which were not
          incorporated in the original sync with the 3.0.5 sources.
        * winnt/StartupFiles/zshenv,winnt/StartupFiles/zshrc: update
          WinZsh specific startup files. Note: these could use a lot
          more testing and inputs!

2010-01-28  Tim Ayres  

        * This release is functionally equivalent to 3.0.5-nt-sniff-4.1p2_pre6.
          Changes and bugfixes by Martin Oberhuber 
          and Wind River Systems, Inc., who have agreed
          to relicense their changes under the 3-clause BSD license. Included
          change history:

        * sniff-4.1p2_pre6
          2003-01-02  Martin Oberhuber  

                * winnt/support.c: on Windows, the command /bin/sh is always
                  replaced by the zsh executable itself.
                  This is to support scripts with #!/bin/sh.

        * sniff-4.1p2_pre3
          2002-11-21  Martin Oberhuber  

                * winnt/support.c: Fix problem calling programs in pathes with two spaces

        * sniff-4.1p1
          2002-10-10  Martin Oberhuber  

                * winnt/support.c: Cleanup heap corruption when quoting long argument lists

                * winnt/support.c: $USER returns correct NT username instead of 'bogus'

        * sniff-4.1
          2002-09-12  Martin Oberhuber  

                * winnt/globals.c: Fix dprintf buffer overflow with long argument lists

                * winnt/fork.c: Fix wrong CreateProcess Parameter

        * Release unknown
          Date unknown  Martin Oberhuber  

                * winnt/tparam.c: Rename #ifdef DEBUG to #ifdef DEBUG_TPARAM

                * winnt/ntport.h: Change #define dprintf

                * signames.awk: Fix quote character. Now works with gawk.

                * system.h: Comment out **environ

2010-01-25  Tim Ayres  

        * Development restarted and hosted at

        * This release is functionally equivalent to the previous release,

        * winnt/bogus.c, winnt/console.c, winnt/dirent.c, winnt/fork.c,
          winnt/globals.c, winnt/io.c, winnt/ntb1.c, winnt/ntb2.c,
          winnt/ntbin.c, winnt/ps.c, winnt/signal.c, winnt/stdio.c,
          winnt/support.c, winnt/tparse.c, winnt/zsh_nt.c, winnt/dirent.h,
          winnt/ntport.h, winnt/signal.h, LICENSE.TXT: Change license terms
          to the 3-clause BSD license with approval of Amol Deshpande.

        * winnt/CONTIBUTORS.TXT: Add file: list of contributors.

        * winnt/GPL: Add file: GPL for GNU termcap.

        * winnt/zsh.ico, ZSHLOGO.RC: Add files: icon from zsh distribution.

        * winnt/bsdlogo1.ico, winnt/bsdlogo2.ico, winnt/BSDLOGO.ICO,
          winnt/BSDLOGO.RC: Remove files: unused icons.

        * winnt/except.c, winnt/support.c.orig, winnt/
          Remove unused files. Also, winnt/except.c did not have a license
          specified, so it is best to remove this anyway.

beta 0.76
2001-01-27  Amol Deshpande  

        * last release. Change icon to new icon supplied by Mark Robinson
          nice README.html from Bill Quirk

beta 0.75
2000-06-14  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/dirent.c: Fix serious bug in wildcard expansion on Win9x

beta 0.74
2000-01-31  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: fixed bug in converting '\'s in $HOME
          to '/'s.

beta 0.73
2000-01-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: fixed crash in long arglist introduced by

beta 0.72
2000-01-11  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed memory corruption on Win9x

beta 0.71
2000-01-10  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/stdio.c: Fix bug in inheritance of file handles.

beta 0.69,0.70
1999-12-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed bug in argv[0] of spawned argument. Might
          have manifested as applications in ZSHROOT failing to spawn
          Also added winntnoquoteprotect option. Use with tools like MKS
          if you see unexpected quoting of "

beta 0.68
1999-09-27  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: support paths > 1024 characters.

beta 0.67
1999-09-07  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/io.c: Fix bug that affected FPATH/autoload

beta 0.65
1999-08-27  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/dirent.c: Fix completion with drive letters in string.

beta 0.64
1999-08-27  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/io.c: Unfix Win95 spurious linefeed fix for Windows 98.

beta 0.63
1999-05-19  Amol Deshpande  

        * exec.c, misc: VC 6.0 compliation errors. Disable optmizations
          in functions that call fork() to avoid losing global variables
          that might be in registers.

beta 0.62
1999-04-13  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c, zle_misc.c: Keep server name in prompt
          if %C is specified and pwd is UNC.

beta 0.61
1999-03-23  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: bug fix for previous fix.

beta 0.60
1999-02-13  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c,winnt/ntbin.c: Fix lame arg-concatenation in
          exec and start paths. commands with large argument strings should
          now execute *much* faster.

beta 0.57
1999-02-02  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ntbin.c: fixed bug that improperly passed arguments
          to applications launched by windows "shell" associations.
          For example, .bat files.

beta 0.55
1998-10-26  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ntbin.c: start builtin will not use '/' for option
          flags. only '-' will work.

beta 0.54
1998-10-16  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: added WINNTWAITFORGUIAPPS option.

beta 0.53
1998-10-12  Amol Deshpande  

        * init.c: look for "zshrc" as well as ".zshrc"

beta 0.52
1998-09-28  Amol Deshpande  

        * utils.c: attempt to ignore case while correcting spelling
          if WINNTIGNORECASE is set.

beta 0.51
1998-09-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * hashtable.c,winnt/support.c: filenames without extensions and
          *only* files with extensions specified in the PATHEXT variable
          will be hashed. The default extensions are ".com;.exe;.cmd;.bat"

beta 0.50
1998-09-16  Amol Deshpande  

        * hashtable.c: added hashing for external exes without
          extension. bogus spelling corrections should be reduced.

beta 0.49
1998-09-15  Amol Deshpande  

        * support.c: The shell will automatically set TERM to vt100
          if it's not set in the environment. There should be no need
          to set the variable explicitly any more.

beta 0.48
1998-08-03  Amol Deshpande  

        * support.c: Fixed bug in converting paths to '/'-delimited

beta 0.47
1998-08-03  Amol Deshpande  

        * utils.c: Fixed bug in applying previous patch. If %~ wasn't
          working, this should fix it.

beta 0.46
1998-07-18  Amol Deshpande  

        * utils.c,globals.h,zsh.h: patch from dominik for

beta 0.45
1998-06-29  Amol Deshpande  

        * utils.c: patch from dominik vogt for honoring winntignorecase
          in %~ prompt.

beta 0.44
1998-06-22  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c,winnt/io.c: moved some startup code around.
          Fixed spurious linefeeds on win95

beta 0.43
1998-06-09  Amol Deshpande  

        * builtin.c,winnt/io.c: Fix for the read builtin not
          echoing characters

beta 0.429
1998-06-04  Amol Deshpande  

        * utils.c: Fixed %~ prompt spec.

beta 0.428
1998-06-04  Amol Deshpande  

        * builtin.c: Fixed problems with the setting of PWD.

beta 0.427
1998-05-28  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fix to let apps with spaces in their path
          run. c:\program files\myapp.exe , for example.

beta 0.426
1998-05-27  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed stupid command buffer overflow
          problem. If you crashed while grepping through a bunch of
          files, this should fix it.

beta 0.425
1998-05-22  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed bug in parsing args to child processes.

beta 0.424
1998-05-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed bug that caused zsh to spawn a new
          console if $path contained a component '/'.

beta 0.423
1998-05-15  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ntbin.c: winntlamepathfix now works with the 'start'

beta 0.421
1998-04-06  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c,winnt/fork.c: Fixed bug in heap initialization for
          forked children that crashed the child process.

beta 0.42
1998-04-05  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Put in code to fix the case of a directory
          you cd into. This is extremely expensive and really silly, so
          it may become optional in the future.

beta 0.41
1998-04-04  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed bug that restricted command line

beta 0.401
1998-03-26  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fix to stop home from being re-set in child
          if unset in parent. Also HOME will not be set by zsh if ZDOTDIR
          is set.

beta 0.395
1998-03-24  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/fork.c,winnt/support.c: Fixed bugs in inheriting
          environment variables (most notably PATH), and crashes
          related to the same.

beta 0.392
1998-03-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed bug that caused ZSHROOT to be

beta 0.391
1998-03-05  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/io.c: Fix for some problems with autoload

beta 0.39
1998-03-05  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fixed bug that should have crashed the
          shell every time on startup on win95.

beta 0.381
1998-02-23  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fix to prevent excessively long
          command lines from crashing the shell.

beta 0.38
1998-02-23  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Restructured execve() to make it
          faster. winntlamepathfix removed. command names will be
          changed to '\'-delimited for all applications from now

beta 0.37
1998-02-12  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ps.c: Fixed ps to not require psapi.dll, but use it
          if it's present.

beta 0.36
1998-02-01  Amol Deshpande  

        * exec.c: Fixed bug where external commands were not being
          listed in completions.

beta 0.35
1998-01-12  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ps.c: Fixed crash when psapi.dll is not present.

beta 0.34
1997-12-30  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ps.c: Added shutdown builtin. See README for details.

beta 0.33
1997-12-21  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ps.c: Added ps builtin. With -w, lists window
          titles as well.

beta 0.32
1997-12-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/io.c: Fixed output redirection bugs (probably)

beta 0.31
1997-12-02  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: added option winntnoassociations to
          prevent starting notepad(say) unexpectedly.
          Added support for ZSHROOT environment variable to
          make scripts with #!/bin/zsh run without changes.
          See README for details.

beta 0.29
1997-11-17  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c,winnt/ntbin.c: Added support to start
          associated apps when you try to 'start' or execute
          a non-executable. E.g., start foo.txt will start notepad
          with foo.txt.

beta 0.28
1997-10-22  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/console.c: Fixed console so that the code page is
          not changed when the environment variable ZSH_DONTSETCP
          is set.

beta 0.27
1997-10-15  Amol Deshpande  

        * zle_main.c: Cleaned up implementation of 8-bit characters.
          International keyboards should now work just by setting
          the printeightbit opt. NOREBIND is ignored by the shell.
          Also hacked in support for Arrow keys, ins.,delete etc.

beta 0.26
1997-10-10  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Added winntlamepathfix, winntlameargfix opts.
          When set, they convert '/'s in the  path and the external
          command name respectively to '\'s. Makes it possible to
          run cmd.exe from with zsh for example.
          Also added a chdir wrapper for win95.

beta 0.25
1997-10-08  Amol Deshpande  

        * zle_tricky.c: Fixed bug that caused matches in completion
          to be printed twice.

beta 0.24
1997-10-06  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/stdio.c: stat() replacement to handle UNC names

beta 0.23
1997-10-06  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c,lex.c: Fixes for $home like C:\, and
          for lexer problems in child processes.
          Updated source to 3.0.5

beta 0.22
1997-09-01  Amol Deshpande  

        * glob.c, zle_tricky.c: Changes for winntignorecase. Based on
          the OS/2 version of zsh-3.0.0. Thanks to Tamura Kent for
          pointing me to it.

beta 0.211, 0.212
1997-08-21  Amol Deshpande  

        * exec.c,winnt/stdio.c: Fix for autocd. Drive changes can
          now me made like DOS if autocd is set.
          partial implementation of winntignorecase option. seems
          to conflict with completions for cd.

        * winnt/bogus.c: fixed getpwnam to return $home only for current

beta 0.20
1997-08-06  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Fix for fix for dir names with spaces.

beta 0.19
1997-07-28  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/signal.c: fix for shell hang when child exit(-1)ed.

beta 0.18
1997-07-24  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/console.c: Fixes for console scroll messing up display.

        * winnt/console.c: Added cls builtin. Default clear-screen now
          only clears visible window.

        * winnt/support.c: Fix for dir names with spaces in $PATH

beta 0.17
1997-07-14  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/support.c: Make "forked" child ignore ctrl-c so that it
          dies only if real child process dies.

beta 0.16
1997-07-11  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/console.c: Fix for eol not working properly.

        * utils.c: Fix for echo "$PATH" printing nothing.

beta 0.15
1997-07-08  Amol Deshpande  

        * glob.c: Fix for ls **/*.c etc.

beta 0.14
1997-06-16  Amol Deshpande  

        * utils.c: Fix for cd ~foo where foo is a param.
          Also replaced 'D:...' from %C prompt format (See beta-0.09 below)
          with just (D:).

beta 0.12
1997-06-15  Amol Deshpande  

        * params.c: Simplified exporting of enviroment variables by
          punting them to SetEnvironmentVariable.

        * winnt/ntbin.c: Added "title" builtin.

1997-06-13  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/io.c: Fixes for crlf translation. Should fix long compctls
          in your .zshrc, for example.

1997-06-12  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/signal.c, winnt/io.c: Fixed problem where ^C would not
          be seen until another key was hit

1997-06-12  Amol Deshpande  

        * zle_misc.c: Put code in to prepend ':...' if prompt format
          C is used. e.g., prompt='%3C>' will print the trailing 3 components
          of the path, prefixed by 'C:...'(for example).

1997-06-11  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/ntbin.c: Added "start" builtin. Also integrated dirent
          support for enumerating shares. 'cd //server/' will complete
          from the list of shares on the server.

1997-04-15  Amol Deshpande  

        * params.c: fix for path not inheriting properly (hopefully)

1997-04-15  Amol Deshpande  

        * builtin.c: fixes for 'cd /' or 'cd /foo'

1997-04-12  Amol Deshpande  

        * Added International support. If NOREBIND is not set in the environment,
          AND meta bindings are not in effect (which means don't do bindkey -m),
          international keyboards should work.

1997-03-25  Amol Deshpande  

        * winnt/stdio.c : Fixed append redir bugs