2010-02-16 - WinZsh version 3.0.8deb14_NT_0.78.1 released. This is from the 3.0.8-14 Debian Etch release, which contains additional bugfixes beyond the final upstream 3.0 release. With this release we at least move to a zsh version from this century!

About WinZsh

The Z shell is a Unix shell with loads of features. It is designed for interactive use, however it is also a powerful scripting language. Zsh is compatible with the Bourne shell, and is also highly compatible with bash and ksh.

WinZsh is a native port of zsh to Windows. In this context, native means that it does not depend on any third party emulation libraries such as Cygwin or MSYS. This port was originally created by Amol Deshpande in 1997. It was updated and maintained until 2001, at which time it was abandoned. In 2010, with the original author's blessing the code was relicensed under the 3-clause BSD license and development restarted on®.

WinZsh is an alternative to cmd.exe. It can be used as an interactive shell for Windows, as a tool to port existing Unix sh/ksh/bash/zsh scripts to Windows or to write original cross-platform shell scripts (replacing .bat or .cmd files).

Old News

2010-02-06 - WinZsh version 3.0.5_NT_0.78.1 released. This is primarily a source code cleanup, some code from tcsh was backported and the code was re-synced with the zsh-3.0.5 code, although the end user probably won't notice much. What you probably will notice is that this release has a new packaging format, the zsh documentation is now included with the distribution, and the README file has been cleaned up a lot. A man reader script is even included so that you read Unix man pages! Enjoy!

2010-01-28 - WinZsh version 3.0.5-NT-0.78 released. This is functionally equivalent to the 3.0.5-nt-sniff-4.1p2_pre6 release made in 2003, containing contributions by Martin Oberhuber and Wind River Systems, Inc.

2010-01-26 - WinZsh version 3.0.5-NT-0.77 released. This is functionally equivalent to the 0.76 release made in 2001, however the code is now under the 3-clause BSD license and has been cleaned up slightly.